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Why is Exercise Important

The media constantly tell us that exercise should be an essential part of our life. So why is exercise important to us and why should we make the effort to do it?

One of the main reasons is that our bodies were designed to move. Before the advent of stores and malls, the only way to find our food was to hunt it or walk long distances to find it. Our bodies have evolved to be able to walk or run for miles, stretch, stretch, and bend over to harvest fruits and grains.

However, many people do not use their bodies as nature intended, and our lives have become much more sedentary: it is very easy to drive to the office, sit in front of the computer all day and crash in front of the television at night…

By not exercising our body as we should, we are damaging it. If a machine is not used for a long time or is used very little, it will stall! It is a fact that most of the health problems associated with heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes are caused by a lack of exercise combined with a poor diet.

It is well known that we are in the middle of an obesity epidemic, which is yet another reflection of our poor lifestyle choices. We are storing health problems for our future.

Introducing regular exercise into our lives has been shown to help us live longer and dramatically improve our health. Exercise stimulates the heart and lungs, making them more efficient in maintaining our bodily functions.

It also strengthens bones and muscles, making us less vulnerable to injury and back problems. Exercise helps lower high blood pressure and cholesterol. It strengthens our immune system and makes us less likely to be knocked down by common illnesses like colds and flu. We will have the form and the resistance to face what daily life throws at us.

A regular exercise regimen can help us avoid the development of osteoporosis, heart failure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and some cancers. And of course, one of the greatest benefits of exercise is that it is one of the best ways to lose weight. Because exercise burns calories, it is much more effective for weight loss than diet alone. Exercising while losing weight will help your body tone and regain shape, reducing the risk of sagging skin.

Exercise releases natural endorphins that make us feel good, making it great for reducing stress and depression. Knowing that we are making an effort to improve our health can also increase our self-esteem and general well-being.

So how much exercise do we need? The recommended guidelines are that we should exercise for 30 minutes 5 times a week. This level of exercise is sufficient to provide you with all the benefits described above. Any form of exercise counts, from walking to dancing to using the cardio equipment at the gym.

It doesn’t matter what we do, as long as we find a routine that we can stick to. It can seem quite intimidating at first, especially if you are not used to exercising. The best way to start is to start slowly and work your way up – try walking for 5 minutes, then 10 minutes the next time, and so on. The rope between friends and family for more support and motivation.

The key is to find an exercise that you enjoy enough to do consistently. It’s no good trying and committing to going to the gym 5 times a week if you absolutely hate it, you don’t go. You may prefer to go for a walk, swim, or bike ride with your family.

It can be difficult to integrate exercise into our busy modern lifestyles, but it is our responsibility to bring physical activity back into our lives. This is the main thing we can do to improve our overall health and well-being and increase our life expectancy. So if someone asks you “why exercise is important,” you can tell them!