Fitness Deck for Cardio Workouts and Strength Training

  • Fast transitions
  • Tube notches add variation
  • Stable and well done
  • Go up to the right


The Power Systems Tray features a non-slip rubberized surface that provides added stability with every movement while expanding strength training workouts like no other tool in a compact, portable package. Enhance cardiovascular workouts by incorporating steps and bench movements up to 330 lbs. Transform from the bridge to an incline or decline bench for strength training. Careful design and stability continue when transporting and storing the platform for group fitness classes or workouts on the go. When you want to do low-impact aerobics, set the bridge to 8 inches for you and your group. Add more challenge and intensity by using the risers to raise the bridge to 14 inches. Secure tubes, save accessories, and never stop mixing your program with the Power Systems turntable. Add layers of complexity and challenge without adding bulk to your setup.

Fast transitions
The Power Systems Deck has more than a dozen positions to suit any workout. Simply fold/unfold the legs with the convenient release levers and use the side lever to open the top and snap it into place. Transform the deck from the high and low positions for an added challenge and adjust from an incline or decline bench for strength training.

Tube notches add variation
Use any of the 6 sets of tube notches with any tube or band to add resistance and train different muscle groups.

Stable and well done
The sturdy, dense plastic deck can support up to 330 pounds. weight. When set to the highest setting, the rubber feet hold the legs in place, so they won’t move during use. The surface is made of non-slip textured rubber.

Go up to the right
Upgrade your home gym with this fitness powerhouse. Use the platform as a basic 8 “aerobic step, add a plyometric challenge by raising it to 14”, or use it as an incline or decline bench for strength training.


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