MERRITHEW Supreme Traction Mat (Black) 0.125 inch / 6 mm Price: $92.89 (as of 14:36 EST- More info)

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  • Lightweight and portable: it weighs 4 pounds, is lighter than the average rubber mat and the carrying strap makes it easy to step over your shoulder or back
  • Top layer for greater grip and cleanliness: the rubber upper provides a dry and non-slip grip and the closed-cell surface traps perspiration and bacteria to extend the life of your mat
  • Cushioning and cushioning of the lower layer: the padded lower part provides shock absorption for the bones and joints, but is firm enough to balance the postures and provides excellent traction
  • Central layer for resistance to stretching and flexion: a thin layer of canvas strengthens the mat and reduces clustering under the foot by limiting the stretching of the surface in three directions, which means that the mat is flat when you change the weight between poses


As innovative as it is environmentally friendly, the Supreme Traction Mat combines natural rubber not harvested by Amazon with eco-friendly and high-tech TPE foam. Offering unrivaled comfort and grip, this mat works overtime by providing an ideal practice surface for yoga, Pilates and other floor exercises. The additional thickness makes it tolerant at the joints, but the rubber upper still provides a firm and non-slip surface. Your mind will feel comfortable knowing that your carpet is made of non-toxic and biodegradable materials without PVC or other harmful materials. In addition, the closed-cell construction creates a hygienic barrier for bacteria and resists water absorption.

At Merrithew, our full range of innovative yoga mats can be used at home, anywhere or in a permanent studio. From our folding travel mat to our Hot Yoga Plus mat, we offer different materials, textures and prices to suit what is particularly important for each individual. Known in The Professional’s Choice for more than 25 years, we have incorporated our commercial quality standards into our line of yoga mats.

Thinner rugs made of lightweight materials such as TPE are easily stored in a mat bag or can be transported over the shoulder with a carpet strap.

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