NEOWEEK | Upgraded | Weighted Hoola Hoops for Exercise – 3lb, Professional Adult Hoola Hoop for Weight Loss (Pink-Gray) Price: $25.99 (as of 14:36 EST- More info)

  • HOOLA FOAM CIRCLE: Compared to the wavy design, the smooth foam padded surface is more comfortable, which can protect beginners from waist injuries.
  • CHOOSE THE RIGHT WEIGHT: You can check our form below to choose the right hoola hoop according to your figure.
  • PRETTY ROBUST: the thickness of the inner tube can reach 3.25 mm, much more robust than most Hoola hoops on the market. and the padded foam is the high density that is unbreakable.
  • EASY TO CARRY: Hoola weighted hoop is removable and easy to assemble. Ideal for storage and convenient to take our Hoola Hoop to the playground, lawn, party, coastal beach, etc.
  • GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE: WE WILL OFFER A NEW HOOLA HOOP FOR FREE if it breaks within the first 30 days!


Highlights of our Hula Hoop:
1. Easy to understand
2. High-density padded foam protects your waist from injury
3. Easily assembled and disassembled, you can take it anywhere, home gym, office, travel …
4. You can splice the hoop as you wish, the 7 or 8 section hoop also works
5. Concise, while the fashionable appearance looks more personalized compared to traditional hoops in a common color
6. 100% TRUST: we supply a new ring in case of breakage in 30 days

Good quality material and better design.
We have developed improved rings that are better than most quality rings. The high-density foam, the inner tube and the details of the hoop, all of which we have improved from the traditional hoop.

1. The high-density foam can withstand shock and decompression, protecting the size of the lesions, in addition, it is very difficult to break!
2. The thickened inner tube makes the hoop more durable and resistant
3. The “one-button” installation system uses round buttons, compared to the rectangular button that is easier to disassemble

1. Do not use hula hoops within 1 hour before and after meals
2. Do not put a hula hoop around your neck
3. Pregnant women can not use the hula hoop
4. Be careful not to touch a sharp object

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