Premium Yoga Blocks and Yoga Straps

  • Made from durable EVA foam
  • Lightweight and portable yoga blocks
  • Non-absorbent and moisture resistant
  • Yoga straps At 6 feet long


Yoga blocks and yoga straps are considered the best known and most used accessories in yoga. The main uses of yoga blocks are that they help beginners and experts to perform postures and positions that would otherwise be difficult for them. Yoga blocks are great accessories, especially if you are still developing the flexibility that most yoga poses require. Yoga blocks help you stretch, strengthen, and align your body without putting too much pressure on other muscles.

Yoga straps allow you to hold your limbs that you may not be able to reach or grasp in a pose. They also help you maintain a posture longer and at a pace that is comfortable for your body.

Get everything you need to improve your stretching and take your yoga to the next level. Whether you’re a new or seasoned veteran, this set will deepen your poses and increase your flexibility every day!

  • Made from durable EVA foam for added support, balance, and comfort.
  • Lightweight and portable blocks: 3 “x 6” x 9 “, are ideal to carry
  • Non-absorbent and moisture resistant helps keep bacteria away and allows for easy cleaning
  • 100% non-toxic, moisture/odor resistant and slip-resistant
  • The shoulder straps are made of soft, durable cotton instead of hard, rubbery plastics, giving you a comfortable experience that won’t rub against your skin.
  • At 6 feet long, you’ll have plenty of straps to work with those deep stretches.
  • Two premium metal D-rings allow you to easily adjust the strap to find a safe and comfortable buckle size
    Works as a great strap to carry your yoga mat


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